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My favourite gifts are vintage wines, flowers, cook books, vinyl (any genre), heels, quality kitchenware, books (non fiction), leather goods, and anything else you think I would like. If you would like a some help with choosing, feel free to ask.


Favourite Brands:

Prada, Hermes, Bottega Veneta, Jimmy Choo, Gucci, Casadei.


Wishlist of items I adore: 


Amazon Wish List:


You can send a gift card to, or get in touch to arrange sending something.


Thank you so much for spoiling me!


Big kiss,

Billie xx

2020 bucket list

Welcome to my 2020 Bucket List! Here you will find 20 experiences I would love to have this year. Hopefully, you would like to help me complete one (or more!) items on the list. I hope with your assistance we can get them all tick off all this years most desired experiences.


Items in bold are already completed.


  1. Go to the theatre, ballet, or opera.
  2. Receive 100 roses
  3. A helicopter ride
  4. Visit the following places: (oops – pandemic!) Milan, Vienna, somewhere south of the equator, ski, France (anywhere), an Island, a city break, San Sebastian, a beach resort, the English countryside, a historic city, Asia
  5. Hiking or a scenic walk
  6. Enjoy a wine more than 20 years old
  7. All things food: A tasting menu, a 2 or 3 Michelin star restaurant, a restaurant with a view, a restaurant on the beach or by the sea, a rooftop restaurant/bar, a traditional English restaurant, breakfast in bed at a 5 star hotel, a simple Italian restaurant, tapas, an excellent cocktail bar, a restaurant that has opened this year (2020), Le Gavroche, a gastro pub, a vegetarian restaurant, Chefs Table.
  8. A Picnic
  9. Arrive to a date in a long coat, heels, and nothing else
  10. Receive a bottle of Krug or Cristal
  11. Time on a boat
  12. A spa treat
  13. Live music/jazz
  14. A live sporting event (rugby, football, races, F1 etc)
  15. Shoe shopping
  16. Go shooting, hunting or fishing
  17. A golf trip
  18. Add 23 vinyls to my collection (currently have 127) (+10 added)
  19. Have fun on a hotel balcony 😉
  20. (Watch this space…)

And most importantly, have another fun and adventurous year, making some memories with you! If you think you can help me tick off anything on my list, please get in touch to arrange our date. Let’s make this a decadent decade…


See you soon!

Love Billie x

A life less ordinary.