What I’m Reading

About a year ago I got a Kindle. I’m not sure why because I’m fundamentally opposed to them, and regarded the thing with absolute contempt. I like real books, not only because them somehow just feel better, but also because I travel a lot and many an airplane or poolside conversation has been initiated by a stranger asking what I’m reading. Anyway, when I started reading Hot Seat by Jeff Immelt (the former CEO of General Electric), I finally caved, because I still haven’t finished Les Mis√©rables which is a brick of a book, and these days I like to travel light (I can do 4 days with a carry on case, just about). So I decided to pack my second book in Kindle form and have to say that Jeff Bezos guy is on to something – I have the most simple/basic one, but the mere ability to not have to find a page, to highlight things with one tap, to look words up with another tap and so on – I am a convert. I finished Hot Seat, which I thought was a very good book – full of business insight and anecdotes that only a man of such importance could have. I enjoyed him recounting how Angela Merkel would waive her staff so she could make and serve you tea yourself, a formidable woman who would always ask him what he could do for the German people. There are a few Trump stories in there as well, as well as a lot of detail about what it was like to run one of the worlds largest conglomerates (at one point, he has a plane that had the sole purpose of following his plane around. He speaks a lot about the changing world of business, and I really found myself to feel I would really like him as a man as he came across as very self critical, self aware, hard working and kind.


Anyway, I have started Erving Goffmans “The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life” which is sociological/psychological theory. I am still reading Les Mis, which is one of the most beautiful books ever written, but I always struggle with fiction (books, films, and other lies) so I’m not putting any pressure on myself – I’ll finish it when I finish it.