What I’m listening to

If you know you you know I love my Motown, jazz, funk, soul, and disco. I always say I was born in the wrong era – I have a 70’s soul and the music from that era (all genres) really speaks to me. This is one of my most favourite feelgood songs (would love to have on vinyl) that I recently made my morning alarm song (although I have been waking up at 8am without an alarm for a few weeks now). A song made in a time when you could get away with making a song last 10 minutes. It’s a great production, I love how the song builds, and even listening to it now – honestly puts me in such a good mood! A lot of the songs I love the most require a massive band, like the Big Bands of the 20’s-40’s, or even a huge choir – there is something so gorgeous about hearing music which it build from so many different elements. In the instrumental there is a great violin – my favourite instrument… well joint first with a saxophone, and like all good songs, the instrumental stands alone as a great piece of music. At about 5:00 the song breaks down into a funk rhythm and then builds itself right back up. The perfect song for a summer road trip. It’s such a joy!!!

One of the Television Series I had been watching was “Gangs of London” a horrendously violent (I’m a wimp anyway, but even by your standards) series, but one with a great soundtrack. I discover a lot of music in films and television – the soundtrack to SHAFT, which I have on vinyl, is such a perfect compilation. One of the things I absolutely love about British gangster/organised crime films, are the gorgeous homes and clothes of the top players. It’s almost as if after you’ve laundered your first billion, a Chestefield sofa and a Saville Row suit arrives in the post. Anyway, I heard and loved this song, he has such a beautiful voice – can also imagine it would make an amazing house remix. I don’t know much about Benjamin Clementine, but am reading the Wiki now – that he was homeless as a teenager, and from the few songs I’ve heard is a talented pianist (he plays the piano in all his songs). This song is more about the lyrics. As a writer myself, I appreciate lyricism – anything from The Smiths (my favourite band, back in my teenage angst days), to Gil Scott Heron. Music has become even more important to me in these strange times! When I’m working out at home, I put this song on, zone out, and it helps me push myself.