What I’m Cooking

A selection of my recent plates – a joy to share with lovers and friends.


I recently spent some time at a prestigious cookery school where I also learned to master the soufflé (like most things, it’s easy when you know how). The other recipes are as usual all my own original recipes that I’d love to say have taken years of development, but in reality – I tend to know what I want to make, and the recipes come mostly fully formed into my head – I make them up almost instantly and they almost always work. From Borough market to Fine Food Specialist, from China Town to Ginger pig – I am enjoying sourcing the best ingredients for my creations.


I am lucky enough to spend many an evening in some truly wonderful restaurant – something I’m very grateful for. The cumulative impact of these experiences and my own passion (I started cooking when I was 4!) has given me a lot of confidence in the kitchen – there’s nothing I won’t try, and have recently started experimenting with fusion. My only Achilles heel is pastry – I’m not a baker – and can’t imagine I could create a dessert tastier than Ben and Jerrys or Mr Kipling. In the kitchen as in life – there is always more to try and discover.