Phew! Have gone from rearranging my sock drawer to keep myself occupied, to having become unexpectedly busy! I’m someone who loves relaxation, but hates being bored, so it’s nice for life to be (slowly) getting back to normal. Here’s what’s been happening:



Found a lovely little Mid Century bar cart for my living space, have stocked it with my favourite spirits (more welcome!), and my lovely new Doulton crystal glasses. I love heavy crystal, and am embarassed to say I gave an entire set of very high quality to the charity shop a few years back (I didnt think it was very cool back then) only for me to be now trying to get back the exact same set. Have all the necessary ingredients to make some lovely summer cocktails – my favourite is the divisive “Aperol Spritz” which people seem to either love or hate. And peach Bellini – so delicious!



Have begun an intensive outdoor workout regime and I’m absolutely loving it. Getting up early and heading to the park with my yoga mat has become an unexpected hilight of my day, and is something I will definitely keep doing, even after gym is open.



Have finally finished that George Orwell books and am now looking for my next victim (I use these term as I am a notorious batterer and page folder of books, and they go from looking pristine to “well worn” within a matter of days). What next? I dont usually enjoy non-fiction and have had enough of novels. I’ve realised many books I’ve read are gifts, or books that have been bought up in conversation, that have sounded interesting so I’ve then gone on to buy them. Yuval Noah Harari has a couple of books I’ve read before, but I havent read the third, so that might be a good idea. I’ve also decided to make one tiny change which is to buy my books from independent stores rather than Amazon. I realised, it makes no difference to me at all, or, in the grand schemes of things to Amazon either, but it makes a massive difference to the independent book seller. I love book shops (my local Daunt Books being a favourtie) so I will make the change to only buying books from shops like this



Have got so many sexy new things! Lingeries and nice bedroom things for us to enjoy. Have been enjoying them by myself for now… but hopefully you can help change that!



Have booked my first restaurant reservation in what feels like years! How lovely it feels to see a table for two email in my inbox! If you are considering a dinner date, please start looking and penciling in dates from now. I expect that the lower amount of covers in most restaurants, coupled with the countries collective desire not to have to do the washing up anymore, will mean reservations will be scarce and need to be planned ahead of time. Dinner dates can happen at my place alternatively, as everything from Hakkassan, Scotts, and all the soho restaurants can be delivered here. Okay I also found such a nice pizza place – best pizza I’ve had in London, if you prefer something casual. 



Have started learning about FOREX and how to trade. Just something I have been interested in a while, so am doing a LOT of readin and following a very long online course before dipping my toe in. Look out Wall Street!



Finally set up my record player (actually, I’ve been advised that it’s a turntable, not a record player, and have managed to get it to work). This is a much better quality turntable than by old Crosby one, so needs an amp, or speakers with inbuilt amps. I am in LOVE with the midcentury style ones with the wooden surrounds (the type you would get in a 90’s soundsystem) and am on the hunt for some good ones. Have been recommended so many different ones, and wow – who knew good speakers are 2, 3, 4x the price of designer shoes (very scientific measure of expensiveness). I’m likely to get what I want second hand, because they simply dont make the “look” of speaker I want anymore, so I’m keeping an eye out. Such a shame not to be able to enjoy my records (sad face) so hoping this will be the next thing I manage to add to my living room.



Have joined a new golf club and had my first lesson there today. Am feeling so at home and happy with this club. Everyone is very friendly! I has hesistant about playing agian after having not picked up a club for some time, but I was actually better than I remembered and am now at least competent enough to justify having bought an austentatious set of Taylor Made clubs, and matching staff bag. Still need to vastly improve my short game, and was given a putting matt some time ago so will get some practice in at home. Have an extensive selection of cute golf outfits (very important for distracting opponent, which thus far is my best chance of winning!) 


Can’t wait to see you soon and looking forward to our future dates.

Big kiss!


Billie x