Time, and how to spend it.

Hi Yummies!


If you’re like me, you spent the first few days wallowing in despair and masturbation, but have now emerged (somewhat dishevelled) and are piecing together a plan of how to spend the next few weeks. Let’s be realistic. You’re not going to be a fluent Mandarin speaker by the end of this, you probably aren’t going to marathon train every day, and all that stuff in the shed? It’ll probably be there forever. But I have some realistic things I would like to do, and so am working towards them. First and foremost, as you know I am an extremely passionate cook. So one of my main focusses during this time has been (and is) cooking. Next week I hope to really progress and try some much more ambitious recipes – the ones I’m more likely to skip when I’m looking through a cookery book because they require more time, patience, and ingredients than I usually have to hand. I’ve also started running again. I found a really useful app called “Runkeeper” (god, I’ve turned into one of those women who cooks all day and has a running app – will need a good spanking when this is over to shake me out of my new life as a domestic goddess!). the running app is really good and is helping me pace myself through longer runs. It is GORGEOUS where I’m staying, beautiful English countryside, blue skies and very pretty gardens, so running outside is a real joy. I love animals and breezing (okay, huffing and puffing) past sheep and horses is a real pleasure.


Another thing I’m doing it writing, and updating my page (have opted for “Hermes” orange as my new accent colour – what do you think?) Last year I had a massive writers block – I had a lot going on and didn’t pen anything new or brilliant. I feel like I’m “back” and am enjoying writing again. I’m also researching some courses that I’d like to do when things are back to normal. I already have my butchery course lined up, and through my constant food posting online was contacted by a well known fishmonger who has offered to teach me a few things, and a Michelin Star chef who has offered the same. I would love to pursue cooking in a more meaningful way, but currently just working out what that is and what it would look like. After my short course at Le Cordon Bleu, I have realised that my classical skills are lacking, so I’m looking into various places that I can improve them. I’m considering emailing some of my favourite chefs and attaching a photo (utterly shameless, but highly effective) and asking if they would consider taking me on for some work experience. I almost have enough home recipes to write a cook book, which is something I’m considering. They say everyone should publish a book, and whilst the mob may be calling for Billies Saucy Memoirs, if I were ever to put something in print, I would definitely like that to be a cook book.


I’m supposed to be reading George Orwells “Keep the Aspidistra Flying”, but I admit, I haven’t yet started. What happened to me? I used to read sometimes 2 books at the same time, and now, even during quarantine I’m finding it hard to find the time to read. I know it sounds silly but some how I had more time before because I would use long taxi journeys and flights (and of course holidays) as an opportunity to read more. Somehow, I’m doing this quarantine without drinking (I know right, the champagne guzzler herself is exercising self restraint? Crazy!). I think as I’m working out less, I decided that sitting in the garden with a massive gin and tonic, whilst absolutely delightful, is probably a bad habit to get in to at this particular time. Plus if you have good company, alcohol doesn’t matte… okay, that’s a lie, but I’m managing!


If you could be quarantined with two other people (alive or dead) who would they be? I thought about this today and my first thought was, oddly that if I could choose where to be quarantined, it would be in the beautiful mountains, and I probably would prefer to do it by myself. My second thought was, I’m not in the mountains, I’m in Hertfordshire, so with that in mind, my choices would be Michael Portillo, and Alain de Botton. I developed a disturbing crush on Portillo whilst recently watching his documentary about trains (now there’s a sentence I never thought I would be writing!). And a funny story about Alain de Botton – I actually thought he was dead! I read his book “The Art Of Travel”, and I have no idea why I imagined he wasn’t a living author, but realised a few days ago that he is very much ali…


Wait I’ve changed my mind. My second quarantine buddy would be the chef Michel Roux (Sr), who recently passed away. I adore that man! And we would grow vegetables together, and he, and his absolutely delicious French accent could teach me how to cook and then me, him, and Portillo could have wonderful dinners with good wine where we’d talk about life, and food, and music, and when this bloody thing is going to end. Roux will eventually become jealous of my love affair with Portillo, and will try to win me over with ever more complicated and extravagant cooking – little heart shaped profiteroles and so on. A girl can dream!


But anyway, back to reality and a little advice on what you can (should) be doing with your spare time:


Planning our post-quarantine date!

Planning our post-quarantine date!

Planning our post-quarantine date!


Just a thought!
“Life is too short” has taken on a whole new meaning. Imagine this happens again or something, and we never did that trip to Rome, or that sexy overnight you’ve been thinking about. Time is of the essence – hope we can make the magic we both deserve, when our quarantines are over. Can’t wait to see you then!


Kisses all over,

Billie xxx