This or That

I’m such a good mood today! Do you like my outfit? Started the day with a really intense workout then went to one of my favourite hotels for a facial then had lunch with my friend at Bibi which is one of my most loved Indian Restaurants and was having a walk through Selfridges and fell in love with this bracelet by Suzanne Kalan as I have wanted something Evil Eye for a long while. Evil Eye is supposed to protect you from envious/malicious people… obviously I don’t believe a bracelet can protect you from such things (I’m not a Star Sign, magical crystals type girl), however they’ve become a popular symbol to wear and I love this jeweller as she combines boho designs with precious stones. I don’t usually wear gold but I think it looks so nice on my skin tone so anyway treated myself to the bracelet 👑
I’m obsessed with sparkly things (I’m a sparkly thing and us sparkly things gotta stick together) I also recently got this anklet which I’m wearing a lot. Okay so you probably don’t care about my ankles but never forget that my (really nice) ankles are attached to my (even nicer) legs and between my legs is one of the luckiest places you could end up so you know…  there’s a metaphor in there somewhere. Also can’t tell you how good I feel after such a nice day. That’s why my number 1 love language is quality time. I love being around my close friends/people that appreciate me.
Anyway here is a silly “this or that” that I wrote out when I was on a flight a couple months back but didn’t post. It’s sort of tongue in cheek…
69 or missionary
It’s obvious.
Hair pulled or spanking
Full disclose if my hair extensions didn’t cost so much I’d probably say hair pulling. But alas…
Barcelona or Madrid
One of the most underrated European cities.
Breakfast in Bed or Breakfast buffet
Breakfast buffet is overrated. Everybody already touched the croissants. Being interrupted mid morning-sex by a knock at the door and a full continental breakfast. Not overrated.
Back massage or foot massage
In bedroom back massage. Out of bedroom foot rub
Morning sex or late night sex
Don’t expect too much from me after the hours of 11pm. If God wanted us to have sex late at night he wouldn’t have made it dark and therefore impossible to see how magnificent I look naked.
City break or Beach holiday
If I must choose… beach. Although perhaps that’s just how I’m feeling because it’s summer. Love city breaks too of course.
Shared shower or shared bath
Bath (please see answer #2). Soapy bubble bath sex is also so good. And I like having my back scrubbed. 
Doggy or cowgirl
Woof woof ❤️
Dinner date or lunch date
Safari or Maldives
I’ve done Safari already – it was incredible. Amazingly nobody has invited me to Maldives yet. I must be ugly.
Sex on a plane or on a boat
I’ve had fantasies about it!
Flowers or chocolates
Flowers always. I love flowers.
Nurse roleplay or office roleplay.
Bitchy boss or Shy intern… your choice
Lingerie or Latex
Sex on beach or in jacuzzi
On the beach feels inherently sandy/not so fun.
Toys or fingers
Simple things…
Picnic or spa day 
The option involving food, sun, and a quiet corner of Hyde Park…
Sunset or sunrise
Floor sex or couch sex
In cowgirl. Yummy.
Planning or spontaneity
I obviously love both and some of the best times of my life have been last minute plans. But when somebody has planned details or thought about what I like this will always make me melt.
Handcuffs or blindfold
Eye contact 😘❤️
Paris or Rome
I love Rome but… can’t school the coach
Cuddles before or cuddles after
Post-sex cuddles. Hell of a drug.
Cowgirl or reverse cowgirl
+ kisses.
Ski or Sail
Wish I was better but what I lack in talent I more than make up for in cure outfits
Aperol Spritz or Gin and Tonic
I ask for 50% Aperol 50% Campari in my spritz. You have to try it. So good!
Louboutin or Jimmy Choo
The real answer is Aquazzura
Cinema date or theatre date
Much more civilised surroundings to inevitably fall asleep in.
Monaco or Saint Tropez
Who can bear to be in Monaco for more than 2 days? Love St Trop.
Twosome or threesome
Less is more.
B 😘