“The Massive C.”

Hi Yummies!

How are you?

Providing you’re not frozen to death or running a fever, I’ll assume things could be worse! Have had a hectic week unpacking (nearly there) and am finally settling in. Moving house really reminds you how many things you accumulate over the years. I found myself throwing out entire boxes of miscellaneous things – handbooks for appliances I no longer own, clothes I haven’t worn in 5 years, and so on. I’m one of those people who sees value in everything so it was a tough but necessary process.


Have redirected my mail, joined a gorgeous new gym, and am now ready for the rain to stop and spring to finally arrive. Spring is probably my favourite season, such a beautiful time of year: the time I put away my heavy winter coats and boots in favour of pretty dresses and strappy sandals (although as I type this, the rain pours outside). Spring is the time for sitting out on a terrace with high heels and sunglasses on, drinking too many aperol spritz and eating crab salad (my favourite!) Mount Street Deli used to do the most delicious pre made picnics (shameful for a cook like me to buy a pre made picnic, but they were really good!) that were perfect for bringing to the park for a lazy afternoon. Speaking of cooking, I recently completed a Macaron Masterclass and learned how to make these tricky little delicacies. Like so many things in life, it’s all about the detail. The class was outside London, and would you believe I got home and realised only then that I’d left all the macarons I had painstakingly made, back there in the fridge! Annoying, but I was secretly glad as it’s a dangerous thing for the waistline to be home alone with box of macarons, during a time of such  national angst.#


Should I perish suddenly and ungracefully, it would be remiss of me not to mention The Massive “C” (no, “The Massive C” is not a euphemism for your penis – I’m talking about coronavirus of course!). I default to a “things could always be worse” attitude at times like this. I’m seeing a dystopian future where perhaps you and I get quarantined together and have to survive a decade on a meagre diet of pasta bake and sex (so basically, a bit like University). Ocado has sent me a typically British email letting me know that the nation has gone mad, so I best order my smoked salmon and almond milk asap, before everything runs out and we resort to cannibalising each other.


So far I have taken the following measures:


1. Stockpiling chocolate (more as a coping mechanism).

2. Using a balaclava as a face mask (entering banks and jewellery shops is becoming difficult).

3. Pretending I’ve got a fever in order to get a train carriage to myself.

4. Washing hands with vodka (then licking it off, which perhaps defeats the purpose but at least gets you pissed, which is the international cure for everything).

5. Maintaining an absolutely infantile sense of humour about the whole thing in order to cover up my sense of unstoppable and impending doom.


Okay… so the TRUTH is, I have bought some extra food.

Well, because everyone else is doing it (as far as basic supply and demand goes, that’s reason enough) and because I imagine it’s realistic that theres a possibility I could be home for a couple of weeks, should things go badly wrong. That archaic way of shopping: “Ye Olde Weekly Shoppe” isn’t something I really do anymore. I normally buy just a couple of days in advance at most, as dinners, travel, and life often get in the way and mean if I buy too much I’ll waste a lot. Don’t really want to end up in the position where I’m living on Soy Sauce and optimism, so I’ve caved in and bought myself a big bag of rice and some tins (don’t laugh at me!)

It’s been so long since I updated and I’ve barely had a quiet moment. Have been really enjoying the theatre (4x last month), ballet (went to a fantastic gala), and film (loved “The Gentleman”, double-loved “1917”). Have lots of upcoming travel plans and foodie adventures so I’m looking forward to ticking more items off my bucket list. It’s also been lovely to see you (yes you!) A wondeful start to the year, and I can honestly say, such impressively consistent and exhilarating dates with intelligent, kind, and generous people. Whether we met for the first time, or the thirty first, a big thankyou for such a wonderful couple of months.



This blog is becoming too long and anyway I’ve got a shipping container of tinned peaches arriving within the hour, so that’s all for now.


See you soon in my new bunker! 😉


Billie x