The F**k. (First Draft)

Non fiction.

I appreciate you’ve probably never wanked to a poem before. Just broadening your horizons.

The F**k

It happened on a WednesdayIt shook you like a theft,And any appetiteYou had wasSatiated when I left.If I meant it then I did itIf ISaid it then I lied.I fucked forFunThen fucked youSeriously,Nothing left toHide.I fucked you madlyFucked you shamelesslyWith noPretence or pride.I like to fuck-you in a way thatMaybe someday you’ll rememberMaybeOne dayYou’ll be someplaceOn some weekend in December andThe chill that licks your spineWill be a parting giftOf mine;And every time a wind wicksThrough youMaybe you’ll recallThe time:When I wasWrapped around your egoWith myLegs around your neckWhen all your cards were on theTable IHad plenty in my deck,I had plenty in reserveI had that unrepentantĀ nerveI had the tongue toWreck your shipI fucked you;Just as youDeserved.