Tasty ‘n’ Turkish

Just finished a working lunch at Barboun (a new restaurant very local to me. Actually I am still here, waiting for my dessert to arrive) and WOW! So delicious! I love Turkish food anyway (I was almost going to bundle in Greek and Cypriot food, but I do appreciate these cosines have separate identities). Some of the best places are those very low key family run spots – they all follow the same formula. An ancient relative sits in a corner overseeing everything, there’s a wall with lots of black and white photos commemorating that time Michael Caine had a mixed grill there, tablecloths are not a thing, and they’re a sort of lost in time (or perhaps, timeless) class of restaurant. There is an Epic one in Dalston, the name of which I forget. But I think there is more than enough room for an evetated modern Turkish restaurant,. and so I tried Barboun, and decided to bring my laptop with me for a working lunch. The restaurant was totally empty (it’s the 29th Dec after all). It doesn’t bother me – I love my own company, I enjoy eating alone… just as long as the staff are friendly (I once dined at a 2 Michelin place in Holland and they didn’t give me a menu for 30 mins because, and I quote, they “thought you were waiting for your husband or something”) Ouch! Way to kick a single girl when she’s down!


Anyway, the meal was amazing. The only downside to dining alone is that when it comes to small plates restaurants (my new favourite kind), you’re limited to 2-4 plates, whereas with friends you can order many more plates for the table and taste a little of everything. I picked the beetroot fritters with whipped feta and mint (I do a MEAN grilled lamb cutlets with whipped feta and mint, it’s a great combination), the grilled prawns with chermoula and lemon, and the Muhlama (kefalatoryi cheese fondue, with a black – perhaps charcoal – sourdough). The fondue is the most PERFECT thing for a cold winters day. It took me right back to my last trip to the alps, skiing (alright, falling) down the mountain, and ending up at a lovely little alpine restaurant. Hot fondue for one, grilled prawns, an the most delicious fritters, pure bliss! I have already planned net time to try the Halloumi Saganaki, and the zaatar baby chicken (za’atar is actually more middle eastern than Turkish, and a herb mix I use to make my own chicken and chickpea dish).


Ooo dessert just arrived. A Tahini fondant with ice cream, that I’m having with Turkish tea (trying for the first time – just tried it and I’m not sure.. it’s very strong!). Stick a fork in me I’m stuffed! Such a delicious meal, I couldn’t finish it all, but still can’t wait to come back … Shall we go?


Have attached some photos of my delicious meal. Tasted even better than it looked 🙂


Billie xxxx