Quarantine Kitchen

Hi Yummies

I trust (or hope) you are well.
Over the last few years I can honestly say there’s been no bigger pain in the arse (and I’ve had plenty… literally!) than this virus. Thank you to the few gentlemen who have reached out. It would be disingenuous to pretend that some time away from being “Billie” has left me in poverty, but still, I am an extremely obsessive saver and it’s nice not to have to dip into my nest egg. Many thanks yummies, you are a class act!

Onwards and upwards… or perhaps downwards, to a rumbling stomach and this week’s solutions.

In times like this, I don’t feel creative in the kitchen, and instead reach for my tried and tested favourite recipes. This week: home made sausage rolls, which I enjoy making and then adding a little extra flavour too (half parmesan and italian herbs, half wholegrain mustard; with intentions to try these again with half harissa and honey, amd the other half balsamic, sundried tomato, and red onion). They were delicious and disappeared very quickly.

Another one of my all time favourites (and extremely simple) is Salmon en Papillote: a masterclass is simplicity. You add layers of fennel, potatoes, dill, butter, salmon on top and a dash of white wine and some seasoning. That’s it, and the result after 25 minutes of cooking is spectacular. A sort of gastronomic ready meal, and I always have a spare one wrapped up in the fridge for a quick lunch.

I’ve also been experimenting with Asian flavours, and made the most delicious prawn and noodle broth (made the broth myself, 7hours of simmering). This was very delicious – heavy on ginger, chilli, lemongrass, and shitake mushroom., Yesterday I tried these fantastic pork chilli bbq ribs, with roasted vegetables and baked potatoes. Yum! None of these meals come from a recipe book – more my own imagination and experience, coupled with what I can get in the supermarket on any given day, which is something of a challenge in its own right!


Sending you love form my kitchen to yours…

Big kiss! (I wish!)


Billie x