Quarantine Fantasy (Part 2)


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The officer widens the beam of his flashlight, and I stand, self-consciously, stark naked and barefoot, with my back pressed against the gate.


He silences the dogs and I see him reaching for his handcuffs as he slowly approaches me.


“Well well well…” He says, surveying my body with the flashlight, “What do we have here? Put your hands on your head and turn around.”


I stare at the officer defiantly, refusing to turn around, but panicking inside. As if to read his mind, suddenly the dogs leap towards me, barking furiously, teeth bared, and barely an inch from my bare and trembling body.


“Tell them to stop!” I scream at the officer, “Tell them!”

He watches me cooly, as I try to sink my back yet further into the gate in order to distance myself from the dogs.

“Turn around” he commands again, lazily, seemingly unbothered about my state of undress or my fear for my life. Silently I turn around, shivering in the cold.

“Hands above your head” his voice rings through the darkness, taunting me. I stretch out, and place both hands high above my head, my manicure clutching the ice cold gate. All at once the dogs become silent. I stand there, listening intently, hoping one of the guests (Anna?) might come back for me. But I soon realise they are long gone, and we are quite alone. I begin trying to work out what the best course of action is. I could get to my bag in less than 5 seconds, but it would take another 10 to unlock it and call someone. I could run, but the dogs would outrun me, and anyway, I’m naked in the middle of god knows where, so then what? I could try reasoning with the officer, could tell him breaking quarantine wasn’t my idea and see if he might speak to my lawyer. I suppose I could try to bribe him, but if I did that-


Mid thought I suddenly feel someone pressed against me and almost jump out of my skin. I feel the cool edge of a police radio, pressing into my shoulder blade, and his baton pressing into my upper back. Or at least that’s what I think it is. With my heels off, I stand at just a touch over 5’ 4”, and the officer, at least 6ft tall, towers above me, his chin just brushing the back of my head. I try to look over my shoulder, but am pinned against the gate. This is an abuse of power! I decide to stand for this nonsense no longer, and make a dash for it, or at least, that’s what I attempt to do, before realising the officer has cuffed my hands to the gate above me! My hands secured to the gate, I try to move backwards against him, but it does nothing but push my naked bottom into his groin, much to his amusement. His gloves still on, he begins groping me from behind, his hands squeezing and grabbing my bottom, and rubbing what I thought was his truncheon against me.


“You’re very fucking sexy” he says, aggressively grabbing my breasts from behind.

“How fucking dare y-” I am silenced, by a large, gloved hand pressed firmly over my mouth. I continue to try to wiggle away, but my now warm, peachy bottom, wiggling in his lap, does nothing but invite an even more thorough groping. His face is now very close to mine, buried in my hair and his mouth right next to my ear. I feel his hot, excited breath against my skin, his hard cock straining against his trousers. The night is deadly silent, as he whispers in my ear.


“I’m going to take my hand off your mouth, and If you scream, run, or say a word, I am going to have the dogs escort you, naked, back to the car, and you’re looking for an 18 month custodial for breaking quarantine, breaking and entering, antisocial behaviour, and of course” he kicks my dungarees so far there’s no way I could reach them, “indecent exposure.”

18 month custodial! The horror! I think back to my otherwise fun and carefree life. I couldn’t survive prison! It would be the end of me!

Silently I nod my head, and he slowly removes his gloved hand from my mouth and steps back. I remain silent, my hands are still firmly secured in cuffs above me, and I from the last five minutes of struggle, I can tell there’s no way I’m getting out of them.

“Part your legs” he commands. Silently, I move my legs to a wider stance, two shoulder widths apart and on my tiptoes. He approaches me again and this time I feel one of his hands – gloves off – slide between my spread legs from behind. He slowly rubs between my legs with two fingers, and very gently slides them inside.

I gasp, then close my eyes in embarrassment as he pulls them out, soaking wet.


“Bad girl!” he says, jamming the wet fingers into my mouth “Bad girl! You’re very excited, aren’t you? You filthy little slut”


Shaking with pleasure as he fingers me, I don’t respond.


He takes a step back, then silence, then more silence, then lands a cold then suddenly hot spank firmly on my bottom. I inhale sharply. Feeling very horny! After 10 more spankings, he stops, and I hear the miniscule “zzzzzz-p” sound of him undoing his zip. I glance over my shoulder, my pink lip gloss smeared over my face by his glove.


“Face that gate and think about what you’ve done” he orders me.

“What I’ve done!” I exclaim “I haven’t – I – So there was this party right – but it wasn’t my ide –“

Ignoring me, he grips my hips firmly from behind and slides his cock into my now soaking wet pussy. He puts one hand over my mouth again, the other arm wrapped around my middle and begins fucking me roughly and passionately from behind. At first, I’m too embarrassed to let him know how much I’m enjoying it, but after a few moments, I am overcome with pleasure, and give in to lust, enjoying a noisy, wet orgasm all over his cock. The officer lifts me up slightly bouncing me on his cock as he cums inside me. It’s been many months of quarantine and at feels amazing to release some pent up frustrations. My feet reach the ground as I am gently lifted down, a quick “zzzzz-p” of his zipper closing, and a gentle click as my handcuffs are released. I turn round to face him, and we begin kissing passionately in the moonlight, his hands touching and groping me all over. His radio crackles


“Pete…. Pete, are you there?” A faint voice calls from the radio.

“Um, yeah. Yes. This is Chief Constable Howe.” He says, his voice lowering so I can’t hear him

Chief Constable? I think to myself. Chief Constable!

“Um, yeah, nobody here unfortunately,” he says, glancing at me “They all managed to get away, I’m just taking the dogs back to the car.”

The line goes dead.

“So, er, I’m not going to caution you this time – but, just, make sure you stay indoors until the end of lockdown.” Howe mumbles at me, not looking me in the eye. He fastens his handcuffs to his belt, and within seconds, he and the dogs have disappeared back into the night.


I step back into my now muddy and dishevelled outfit, collect my purse from the ground and slid my feet back into my glittery Jimmy Choos. Slowly, I make my way back to the main road.




It’s several weeks later and lockdown has finally ended. It’s noon and I have decided to take my lunch at the Landmark Hotel. Whilst I’m waiting for my tea I scroll through BBC News on my iPad, and a “Breaking News” notification flashes on my screen. I pop in my headphones and press play on the video.


“And news just in this afternoon” reads Nicky Campbell “The Metropolitan Police have just named their new Police Commissioner. Now we go live to Scotland Yard for the latest –“


The screen cuts, and I watch silently, my mouth ajar, as a face I would recognise anywhere materialises on the screen, a few seconds into a speech.


“… a pleasure an and honour to serve Londonners, not only as a Police Commissioner, but also as a hard working Civil Servant who believes in the value of transparency and decency in the Police. My job is to serve you. I really do find it important in todays climate, that trust between the public and the Police is both built and maintained, and I will do my best to ensure that-”


My tea arrives and I pause the video, Howes smart and sensible image frozen on my screen, my heart beating and a hot wave passing over me, as I remember that night, many weeks ago now.


The waiter arranges my tea and strainer, my iPad screen catching his eye as he stands up.


“Ah I saw that news just now.” He says, beaming down at me, “Really good chap that Howe is, they really don’t make many like him anymore”


“Oh,” I say, earnestly “Don’t they?”


No, it really is great news for the Police. Former Sandhurst boy, cleanest of records, straight as anything. He stays here from time to time as it happens, really down to earth guy.”


“Well -” I start, suddenly flustered “I, he certainly seems like he’s up to the job” I finish, managing a weak smile as I sip on my tea.


To be continued….