Please Don’t Waste Your Life

(First Draft.)

Please Don’t Waste Your Life.


To waste one’s life is a cardinal sinTo do withoutIs a curse withinTo hoard your dreams is aHorrible thingPlease don’t waste your life.Living to labour is a losing gameNeglecting your leisure?A bothersome painBoredom and apathyAddle the brainPlease don’t waste your life.Pride is a poison that takes you by stealthSo remember this remedy:Laugh at yourself.On your mission for wisdom and womenAnd wealthPlease don’t waste your life.A ladle full ofSin and spiceCan much improve the soup of lifeA spoon of safetyWon’t sufficePlease don’t waste your life.When you reach for a breathAnd instead you find noneAnd it’s you and aNurseOr a hearseOr a gunIn the end you will only haveWhat you have done.


Please don’t waste your life.