P.A. Fantasy (Part 3)

I stand there, waiting, the silence unbroken, my heart pounding, expecting any moment now, the sting of a firm hand on my naked backside. Something else happens. I bite down firmly on my bottom lip, to stop myself being noisy, as quite unexpdctedly, I feel two of Mr Hardigains wet fingers jam themselves into my bottom. I bite harder on my lip as he begins moving his fingers roughly in and out. He is close behind me, pressed up against me, one hand moving quickly and aggressively, my bottom wobbling from the impact, and the other hand pinning my waist to the desk.

Suddenly, he stops.

I stay in position, waiting for further instruction.

“Get on your knees and clean up.” Mr Hardigain instructs.

I do as I told, looking up at him from my knees I take his wet fingers into my mouth, to the back of my throat, sucking greedily on Mr Hardigains fingers.

“Right thats enough.” He says “You’ve disappointed me Billie. I was hoping you’d be up for this job but now… I can’t have a common whore working for me.”
He looks at my discarded mini skirt with disgust.
I prickle with embarrassment.

“Don’t you EVER enter this office dressed like that again! EVER!”

Hardigain paces around his office, neck red with anger, finally stopping at the window, and turning to look at me.

“Get under the desk.” He demands
“Yes Mr Ha- What?”
“Get under the fucking desk. You want to dress like a slut then I’ll treat you like one. Take everything off and get under the desk.”

Self consciously I undress. It doesn’t take long, with just my blouse and bra to remove. I stand there in just my shoes. Mr Hardigain approaches me, staring at my feet

“Where are those from?” He asks, nodding at my heels
“I, er… River Island I think?” I say, my toes curling with apprehension.

“CHEAP SHIT!” Mr Hardigain barks. “Why are you wearing cheap shit to this office when I gave you money to buy your wardrobe? Take those nasty cheap shoes off. IMMEDIATELY!”

Silently, I slide out of my heels. Mr Hardigain picks them up and throws them casually out of the window.

“You look more expensive naked than you do in these shitty cheap clothes. Now get under the desk.”

The desk is a huge, dark brown antique. Cherry wood with several draws, contrasted with a leather Timothy Oulton chair. The back of the desk is covered with a thick wooden panel. On my hands and knees I crawl into the space under the desk, crouching on the floor and waiting. My Hardigain takes his seat behind the desk, and I hear him pulling ope  one of the draws – a small one on top, which you need a minuscule gold key to open. Seconds later, I hear the jangle of metal on metal –

“Give me your hands Billie.”
I stretch out my arms from under the desk; Mr Hardigain secures each wrist with a handcuff, then each handcuff to a metal look discretely installed under the desk. I feel a pang of excitement as to what might happen next. Hidden from the rest of the office, I wait in silence on my knees I both my hands now secured either side of me in a “Y” shape.

Mr Hardigain pulls his chair in, his crotch now inches from my head, and unzips his trousers. His rubs his sticky cock all over my lips and –

A loud bang as the door is flown open!

“Is Billie here?” Asks a womans voice in a thick Glaswegian accent that J recognise to be Janice, a data analyst from the office, a particularly miserable gossip with an insatiable thirst for reality TV and Terry’s Chocolate Orange.

“No.” Replies Mr Hardigain curtly. “I sent her home for incorrect attire”

“Shes a bit dippy isn’t she? Hard to believe the lass really graduated from Cambridge with a first” Janice laughs “Guess they take anyone these days. Gorgeous looking lass mind, but not much upstairs I’m afraid. Will you keep her on?” Janice asks, probing Mr Hardigain for gossip.

“I’m considering it.” My Hardigain replies cooly. His hand reaches discretely under the desk pulling me by my hair onto his cock. I suck enthusiastically (it’s in the contract, after all) and he leaves his hand at the back of my head, keeping me in position as I gag silently on his cock from under the desk, my hands bound and unable to free myself. Bubbles of spit and precum foam in the back of my throat, and I feel Mr Hardigain throbbing with excitement.

“Was there anything else Janice?” He asks.

“Ah yes so, I mean I don’t mean to be a bitch” Janice starts, with the air of a woman who lives on an almost constant diet of bitching “But I noticed Emma in accounts hadn’t sent those emails yet. Three days after you asked her to. I didnt want to mention it but… I know you like to be in control of everything that goes on in here.”

“I do” – says Mr Hardigain “Thanks Janice, I’ll have a word with Emma later.”
Janice turns to leave the room and with her back to him Mr Hardigain now places both hands on my head and begins aggressively bouncing my head on his cock, his legs shaking as he loses control. I let out a little scream as my throat is flooded with a huge load of his hot cum.

Janice turns round suddenly
“What was that?”
She asks, her brow furrowed with suspicion
“Ahhh… Oh nothing” Mr Hardigain replies “Er, just opened one of those funny emails people send”
My Hardigain pulls his wet cock from my mouth and begins slowly wiping my face with it.

“Ooo let’s see then!” Janice says, heading back towards the desk.

I gently begin sucking Mr Hardigains cock hard again.

“No Janice. You’ve got a deadline due today. Get back to work please.”

Janice leaves, disgruntled and suspicious.

The door closes, and I begin giving Mr Hardigain another wet sloppy blowjob, sucking his balls enthusiastically as he relaxes in his chair. My tongue slowly licking downwards, rimming him slowly, his cock now fully hard again.

“You’re very good at the Billie” he says breathlessly, hands on the back of my neck, guiding my head firmly between his legs “I’d love to-“

– “Willie, Cava?” A voice calls from behind the office door just seconds before it opens.

I would recognise that voice anywhere. Patrique Mersault, the guy behind the famous brokerage. I applied for a job there three times and they didn’t even interview me. Patrique is well known in the city. He legend he likes to promote is that his family used to own vineyards in Mersault, but others believe his surname came about because his great great grandmother, a common milkmaid, used to break into the vineyards at night and get pissed.

“New PA Willie, ah?” Mersault says, a charming grin flashing on his chisseled face.

I begin rimming Mr Hardigain even more passionately, lapping between his legs like a hungry kitten.

“What?” Mr Hardigain asks, struggling to keep it together
“I ‘eard you ave a New PA Willie? I remember the last one? Emma was it? The girl who does the tax now, ah? I know exactly what is going on under that desk.”

He grins at Mr Hardigain, highly amused. Mersault walks around the desk, to behind Mr Hardigain, where he takes in the spectacular scene. Me, each hand chained to each internal side of the desk, fully nude and now with Mr Hardigains cock balls deep in my mouth. I look up at him, my lipstick a mess and sticky cum all over my face.

“Very nice Willie.” Mersault says “Very nice. I… er… could I…? You want to share?”
He looks at me for an invitation. I see his cock straining painfully in his trousers. I shake my head, in a ridiculous attempt to act aloof.

“Good girl” Mr Hardigain says, stroking my hair.
“Unfortunately Billie and I have an entirely exclusive arrangement” Mr Hardigain addresses Mersault, a smug grin spreading across his face “You’ll have to find your own. Now be a good PA and lick my balls Billie.” Hardigain says, showing off.
He reclines lazily in his chair and I begins slowly and passionately licking his balls, my eyes locked with Mersaults.

“Anyway” Mersault continues speaking to Mr Hardigain as if this is an entirely normal situation “I ave everything for the new location. I ave a developer coming tomorrow, if you can be there 3pm we can get everything signed. I will leave the filed with you”.

Mersault slaps down four identical files onto Mr Hardigains desk.

“A demain!” he says, turning to leave. “And ah, if you change your mind Billie, you can-“

“- She won’t change her mind.” Mr Hardigain interjects.

Mersault shrugs, winking at me, then leaves.

Alone once again Mr Hardigain looks down at me from under the desk, taken aback by the sudden competition for my affections. Abruptly he uncuffs my hands

“I’m letting you leave early as you’ve done an excellent job today Billie! Go to Bond Street and get yourself a pencil skirt and some stockings and some decent bloody shoes with no platform.”

I crawl from under the desk, retrieving my bra and skirt, putting them on whilst Mr Hardigain watches.

He takes a battered Ferragamo wallet out of his pocket and peels off a small wedge of crisp, £50 notes, and tucks them into my cleavage.

“I didn’t want to have to do that Billie but you must learn how things are done in my office. I don’t want you looking cheap you must look sexy and expensive at all times unless I’m in the mood for something else. It’s in the contract Billie you know what I expect of you. If you come here inappropriately dressed again I will strip you naked and parade you through the trading floor then fire you. You will leave the building naked and have to make your own way home.”

I gulp, feeling very self conscious in my mini skirt. I’m not sure if he’s joking, although present circumstances would suggest not.

“And -” Hardigain looks me in the eye, and I catch a brief break in his steely facade “- Stay away from Mersault. Please. He’s a charlatan. And…” he turns to face the window, his hands in his pockets “I found you and took a chance on you and I don’t want you doing this kind of thing with other people. Am I understood?”

“Yes Mr Hardigain”. I reply.
I walk towards him. He looks down at me fondly.
“You might need to clean your face” he smiles.
I smile back, reaching into my handbag for some makeup wipes.

I leave the office, one of Mr Hardigains long coats over my shoulders to hide my short skirt.
Janice eyes me suspiciously as I make my way across the trading floor. “I thought you’d gone home pet?” She asks, eyes looking me up and down. I ignore her completely, and head towards the lift.

To be continued…!