Advantage, Billie

Hi Yummies,


I know, it’s been ages since my last blog and I’m sure you’re missing me dearly! Well, as you know I am always a busy bee – I recently started a really exciting project, and I’ve also started playing tennis. I can’t believe how good I am at tennis already! I’ve taken to it like a duck to water…


Just kidding! I’m absolutely awful. You’d have thought golf would have made it easier what with the smaller ball and much smaller implement to hit it with, but alas, things are a little more complicated when you’ve got a ball flying towards your face at 100mph (I should know!) I can’t remember if it was Gandhi, or Coco Chanel, but anyway, someone once said “If you can’t be good, be cute.” Actually, I’ve just made that up now but I’m sure you understand the sentiment. I will definitely get my own racquet (I’ve been borrowing so far) and hope that if I can’t yet bless the tennis court with Serena Williams-esque talent, then at least I can bless the court with a pretty smile and a precariously short tennis dress (I have some skirts as well now, you know me – for all my hobbies I love to have all the gear!)


Jokes aside, I am enjoying the process. I started with a lesson to get the basics and have recently been playing with a very patient friend. My observations are the following:


  1. Tennis is such a complete cardio and full body workout – wish I had started sooner 
  2. It’s as much about planning ahead as it is being in the moment
  3. (note to self:) Probably best to stop running at the ball then panicking when it nearly hits you in the face
  4. It’s harder than it looks which is probably why Andy Murray always looks so miserable
  5. Progress – for me at least – is a fast process (much faster than golf,) which is very rewarding
  6. You find yourself letting out involuntary moans when putting in extra effort. Like all involuntary moans, these are too be embraced.


There’s a global pandemic on at the moment (not sure it you’ve heard) so two golf trips with two of my favourite people unfortunately couldn’t happen. Living in town makes golf a little tricky, so I’m glad to have taken up a hobby that’s easier to fit around my schedule. Will keep you updated with my progress – can’t wait to see you soon.


Kisses from your favourite ball girl 😉


Billie x