Kruger in Rain

More a collection of poetic thoughts I jotted down whilst being driven through Kruger. This particular day was rainy, and a lot of vultures were in trees above – favouring the dead trees. In the heavy rain found myself drawn to the most destructive forces of weather and animal behaviours. I’m currently reading Les Mis and am at the part where Valjean is shortly about to attempt escape from the convent in a coffin. I think this part of the book has influenced the religious imagery that has featured in my recent poems. I’m not religious – but I think particularly in the wilderness you get a sense of magnitude that is usually reserved for religious iconography.Will work this into a poem when I get the time. Most poems I write come from the first stanza (or 2) that come to me fully formed and I build around those to complete it.


Kruger in Rain.

Vultures perch onBaron treesWindswept and wicked:Dangerous fruitOthersDive to death and playThat haunting hammer:Beak on boneThe Beast will take its shareOf deathThe Bird will scavengeWhat is leftThe Bush will salvageBones bereft:A noble feastDescends to theftBlack leaves rot on riverbanksLike gangrenous lobesAll from dust:To dust returns.BF.