Kitchen Goddess

My lobster feast.
This menu was such a labour of love. Decided to crack open this 2006 vintage bottle of Moët that I’d poorly stored before it went bad. I doubt the bottle would have lasted another year – very deep gold in colour and not so much life and very (very) rich to drink. I enjoyed it. I served this with 3 different caviars (increasing in quality) with creme fraiche and Pom Bears, along with salmon and creme fraiche on blinis with lemon, dill and pink peppercorn.
After this I served a gazpacho with mint oil and toasted foccacia, then started up the BBQ (real coal BBQ obviously) and got started on the lobsters which I purchased live that morning. Stress levels on 1000%. These are native blue lobsters from Dorset. A really nice size and very lively (well, not for long 🙈)! I attempted to kill one myself and I’ll be honest – I totally botched it and it started looking at me as if to say “what the hell are you doing??” so I gave up and ran away screaming. It’s not usual to then force your guest to kill their own dinner but needs must. 3 lobsters between 2 is the perfect amount. I decided to prepare each one differently: one with confit garlic butter, 1 with duck fat and sea salt, and one in a creamy caviar sauce. On the side I served some baby potatoes and a very delicious heritage tomato salad (adapted Ottolenghi recipe) with lots or oregano, ginger, garlic and olive oil. The lobster courses I served with a nice cold bottle of Ruinart Blanc de Blanc.
This was my first time cooking lobster and it was a total success and such a treat. The caviar sauce was my favourite – I made up the recipe as I went along it’s just crème fraiche, butter, and a whole pot of caviar  – but all were delicious and I was pleased the duck fat worked so well as it was an experiment. After this I served a cheese course with some Tokaji dessert wine (also a very old bottle I had for many years – the cork totally disintegrated and I had to pour it through a sieve 😂 Still it was excellent). I was supposed to do dessert also but I think the menu was over ambitious and by that point not another mouthful could be eaten.
No leftovers of course. Proud of this menu, my results, and how much they were appreciated ❤️
B xxx