Interview: Bedroom Edition

Morning or evening?

I’m definitely a morning person.Doggy or Cowgirl?DoggyCowgirl or missionary?Hmmm… missionaryMissionary or doggy?Sensual mood = missionarySlutty mood = doggyRoleplay French Maid or Naughty Nurse?MaidTurn ons:Usually a type of person and how they make me feel rather than specific things. Somebody who makes me laugh or is very assertive. Type who is gentlemanly outside of the bedroom. Smells nice and we have natural chemistry going with the flow. I like being groped, receiving compliments, deep kissing, a lot of passion and connection.Vibrator or fingers:Your fingers > My vibratorMy vibrator > My fingersFavorite toy:Lelo Smart WandAfter sex:Massage, foot rub, bum rub, long cuddles, dinner… a nap? hahaBDSM:I think I grew out of it. I don’t really care about this anymore. I do have a submissive side to my sexuality but this is more about me being a giving person who loves to please, than about conforming to any specific rules. I do have a lot of fetish style outfits (leather, latex, shiny etc) because I think they can be very sexy.Orgasms:I find it very easy to have orgasms/multiple orgasm from penetration. Especially in missionary with kissing.Watch or be watched:Be watchedFantasies:I suppose I am living my fantasyPorn?I rarely rarely watch it, only when extremely horny after a long while of no intimacy. Usually I just prefer to use my imagination. When I watch porn usually I watch multiple guys + 1 girl. Usually I prefer to watch other black/ebony girls.Favourite sensual things:Massage, shower or bath together, neck kissed, spooning, foot rub, cuddle, slow kissing.Kinks:Mostly rough sex, rough blowjob, and being choked.Favourite roleplay:Secretary/PABlindfold or handcuffs?HandcuffsDo you like girls?I’m only really interested in men sexually. I enjoy male company, and… cock 😇Lingerie:Yes, I love to dress up.Are you horny every day?Usually yes. I have a very sexual brain ‘ I’m not “sex crazy” or anything like that. But I enjoy physical intimacy and I do get horny a lot (like now writing this blog!)Oral sex:Usually enjoy more to give than receive. Like rimming as well (both ways)Do you enjoy foreplay?Yes, a lot especially kissing. I love being grabbed and kissed. I can enjoy sensual foreplay for a very long time beforehand, I love to tease and be teased. That said, if I’m around someone I have chemistry with and I’m feeling very horny sometimes I like to have passionate sex very quickly/immediately. This can be a big turn on for me. Just depends on mood and situation.Anal:No. I have some small toys but other than that I don’t really see the appeal (I see the appeal for you, but not for me 😂)Spanking:Yes I like it but nothing too hard. My favourite is short skirt and stockings and suspenders and having my skirt lifted for a spank.Random things you enjoy?Being bitten, hairy guys, sex on the floor, in front of mirror, having toes sucked, fingers in my mouth.How would you describe good sex?Natural chemistry, feeling comfortable and without any pressures. Enjoying the moment and the person you’re with without thinking about anything else. Stress relief! Good sex is when afterwards you feel even more attracted to the person than before. We are both feeling appreciated and satisfied.

B x