I’m a Leather not a Fighter

I love everything to do with leather. The look, the feel, the smell… both in my wardrobe and in the bedroom. I’ve spent years, lovingly amassing the most outrageous collection of quality goods. I love everything from quality leather shoes (Chelsea boots on men being a particular favourite), leather belts, watch straps, and wallets, to the beautiful patina on old leather furniture, the immaculately stitched interior of a luxury car, or the buttery soft leather of a driving glove. Leather bound books, and even a mans belt or washbag can catch my eye. I’m a tactile person and appreciate quality. I remember as a guest at Rolls Royce HQ, being shown how they pick out the leather for their cars – the tiniest of blemishes rendering that piece of leather useless. In my wardrobe, I have numerous leather leggings and skirts, jackets, gloves, and of course… I am partial to a handbag or two 😊


In the bedroom, I enjoy the BDSM aesthetic (amongst many others!). Dressing for sex is am erotic experience for me. Like strappy, minimal leather outfits, that leave little to the imagination whilst simultaneously making the imagination run wild. My favourite brand for this type of thing is Anoeses, who have made me several things in the past, including some of the outfits in my gallery. I love the feeling on my skin, it’s a beautiful, sensual fabric that has personality – it can be cold and stiff, or warm and soft. If you know me, you know I also absolutely adore leather boots. My favourite brand (Casadei) makes the most elegant, sexy heels (no zip, or elastic, just one long seamless boot with the most fine and sexy killer heel). Of course these can be worn in a very provocative way, but even with fitted jeans and a blouse they look amazing.  I love being in a nice bar, with my legs stretched over your lap in super high heeled boots and having my legs stroked through the leather. So sexy! I have also made some of my own leather pieces, which have been a labour of love – items that I have worked by hand and now no longer wear as I don’t want to ruin them.


I notice leather details everywhere I go – in Heckfield Place (my favourite country hotel), they have a cinema, where the seats are a gorgeous hand stitched tan leather and made by Ferrari. Sometimes when I get a new handbag I (possibly this is a bit strange!) enjoy smelling the new leather. I love interiors and in choosing the couch for my living space, spend months, searching some something vintage and very worn with a nice patina. Old upholstered furniture, that has gained softness and character with age, is a simple pleasure. Beautiful things for me, are things that exist in more than one dimension. Of course I enjoy things which are great to look at – but I also enjoy things that as well as being attractive, also smell good, are pleasant to touch, and are a joy to be in the presence of (a bit like me 😉!).


Here’s to a love for leather!


Billie x