Humble Grape

Humble Grape.Hello yummies! Finally getting stuck into my little Cellar Plan and enjoying learning a lot (do wine tastings count as “Personal Development”? haha). Anyway, if you did want to bring a gift I would most appreciate some good wines for my cellar. I currently only have 2 cases plus a few bits I’ve collected over the years (mostly champagnes and a couple old reds). Feeling a bit embarassed to have so little but hoping I’ll build up a small but lovely collection. By chance I made friends with a really amazing sommelier and wine buyer and she’s promised to take me to some tastings and events, which I’m really looking forwards to. I once said (after a few Champagnes) that I’d drink anything if it’s free – ha! 😂  – and although that’s true (I do draw the line at tequila though, horrendous stuff), I would particularly like to add Burgundy, Mersault, Champagne, and Rioja to my cellar. Actually, ignore me, beggars can’t be chosers! If you have any extra bottles or something you think I may enjoy in the future, I would be greatful for your insight and your generosity – you will probably know better than me. One day I’d love to have my own wine cellar (I love those spiral ones you can get that do down into he floor) but until then I’ve found somewhere that can store my bottles. Alternatively, I’m building a small wishlist through Berry Bros, if you wanted a peek let me know and I’ll send it to you.Thank you for your contribution towards my journey into acute alcoholism wine collecting 😂🥂Here’s to us!Kiss,Billie xx