Hello, 2020

Hi yummies,


A happy new year to you and your loved ones! Feeling so sexy and full of energy so make sure you’ve eaten your Wheetabix before our 2020 date!


Just back from a luxurious holiday in the sun, and I feel as if I’ve leapt straight from a bikini into a wool coat! Have had such a busy and adventurous year it was lovely to finish things on a high. I’m definitely a warm weather person (other than ski), I love walking around in a sundress and heels and the feeling of the sun on my skin. Have you noticed that in the sun even food and wine tastes better? So many times I’ve been away and had what I thought at the time to be excellent local wine. So I bring a few bottles home and the exact same wine… just doesn’t taste the same. The right people and the right surroundings in life can make such a massive difference to any experience. And I’m very tanned!


I love London in the winter, even with the rain and cold, but there’s nothing better than giving yourself a mental and physical holiday from lifes stresses. I think it’s very important to take time, whether a couple of hours or a couple of days, to put your feet up and unwind. I feel lucky to connect with people who have a similar outlook and also believe in finding time to prioritise their pleasure(s). Also, (rather late than never) I wanted to say a massive thank you to those generous enough to have sent a Christmas gift. Very much appreciated and noted 🙂 You shall be on my nice list (or perhaps naughty list) this year!


As you may know, I never make New Years Resolutions. “Be healthier” “Enjoy life more” and all those other pointless promises are usually forgotten within a month, so instead I create a Bucket List of specific experiences I would like to have, which I have also added here on my page. I’m not naturally organised, so for me, a list is a way of staying focused. If you would like to help complete a 2020 Bucket List item, I would love to hear from you. In past years I have managed to complete everything on my list, so here’s to an interesting year ahead and many more adventures! One of my favourite quotes is “life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage”. So true! It’s not exactly a secret that if you spend most of your life being risk adverse and running between the office and your living room, you miss so many opportunities (like some time with me!)

I’m back in town and have my hair tied up and am in deep concentration working on a new recipe (very predictable haha). Also I recently discovered a lingerie brand called Anoeses, which hand makes the most beautiful things, they are making something special for me. Can’t wait to show you! I always feel a tingle of excitement getting new sexy things. I have a massive lingerie collection with everything from fine silks and chantilly lace, to leather and silver to cotton Calvins Kleins. The pieces I’ve ordered are both a BDSM aesthetic. Very sexy… keep checking my page and I’ll let you know when they arrive.


My case is barely unpacked (okay, to be honest I havent unpacked at all yet) and I’m already getting ready for another adventure. I used to be such a terrible flier – terrified of airports (not flying, the airport itself), and absolutely useless at packing and organisation. These days I can survive 5 days from a single carryon luggage, and find travelling a much more relaxed process. I’ve only ever missed one flight in my life; I remember very clearly, two years ago, my first time going to see the Opera (Le Nozze Di Figaro) at La Scala in Milan. My flight was around 5pm and I arrived with very little time to spare. I was also going through a phase where I always travelled well dressed and in high heels (perfect for selfies and strutting round Duty Free, less perfect for running to a soon to be closing Gate – once I had to take my heels off and run barefoot like a maniac haha). So anyway I scanned my boarding pass and it wont let me through. There’s an automatic system where if you arrive less than 45mins before the flight they dont let you through to security. Now I’m not a diva (honestly!), but I almost have an epic diva moment! I am about to miss my flight and my date, I’m stood helpless at Heathrow in my pretty heels and silly designer luggage and big sunglasses (eeep I wanted to cry) so I run to “Special Assistance” and explain to the lady on the desk and she says “Well you’ll never make it wearing those!” pointing to my strappy heels (how rude! When everything’s going wrong there’s nothing like highly sarcastic customer service to brighten your day!) She put me on the next flight and I made it just in time for what was actually a very magical night and unfortunately my only time in Milan. Other than that I can say I’ve never missed a flight and hopefully never will! I am prioritising travel this year and please remember overseas dates are flexible(ish).


My top travel destinations for this year (see my bucket list for details) are: Venice, Norway, Lisbon, Singapore, Vienna, Sardinia, Capri, and Milan. Let’s see… a girl can dream 🙂

Anyway, I’m sure it was not your intention to spend the remainder of this year reading my blog, so I shall let you get back your Monday evening.


See you soon! Let’s start this decade as we mean to go on and grab it with both hands (not me, the decade… although I wouldn’t say no!)


Big kisses and hugs, and more kisses!


Billie x