Garden Provocateur

Some of you may know I haven’t always been the best gardener. I have had house plants for many years and just about mastered keeping them alive, and I am pleased to say all are currently thriving. When it comes to anything else however, my luck has been less favourable. You may remember a few years ago when I planted 4 tomato seeds and named each after one of The Beatles and only Ringo survived but then one day I accidentally stepped on him in a stiletto and that unfortunately the end of Ringo (many a man would describe this as the perfect way to die! haha). 


This year I have had more luck and have planted a very successful (if I do say so myself!) herb garden, and today travelled to Camden (which was almost exciting – travelling to another borough is the equivalent of going to the Maldives these days!) and visited a beautiful and friendly family run garden centre, buying the things I need to plant a window box. The box looks a little sparse but there are ten plants in there so will fill out nicely. Could think of nothing more appropriate for gardening that a pretty white dress and pink washing up gloves (ha!) and my roadside “guerrilla gardening” tactics were very much appreciated end encouraged!


If you have a garden I hope you are enjoying your space, and if not, I would highly recommend getting some plants for indoors and your window sill. Our garden centres need us! Not only does it save you from the cyclical boredom of Netflix – Eat – News – Check Emails – TV – Masturbation – Cry a Little – Eat – Repeat, but I also think it’s such a rewarding process to see your plants grow and bloom. Yes I am very at home sat in a beautiful terrace outside a restaurant sipping on my favourite Laurent Perrier champagne, but I am also someone who is very in touch with nature and who gets a lot from being outdoors and spending time in harmony with the natural world. Call me a wildflower!


Billie x