Eat. Hike. Love.

Bonjourno yummies! Hope you are well.


Back from a delicious adventure in the Amalfi. My first time there and my first time doing a longer (more than a few hours) hike. Have that wonderful feeling of being tired, happy, glad to be home, and at the same time very appreciative to have had such a wonderful experience. Excellent food (I’d love to say you can’t go wrong in Italy, but you absolutely can. I’ve often irritated myself when falling into tourist traps in Rome, Milan etc, but this time it was a wonderful mix of Michelin stars and low key Italian places – no English menu, where ordering was a case of a smile, a point, a “grazie mille”, and a hope for the best). Wonderful company, and the sun made a much welcomed appearance.


Feeling lucky to enjoy such a variety of adventures and am currently unpacking quickly so I can go for a run before it gets dark. I have a photoshoot coming up in two weeks so I’m adding some extra cardio to my usual routine. I’m a sprinter by design, but have been working on longer distances (by longer I mean 5K – don’t laugh!) and am making slow but consistent progress. Whatever I do in life, gym, golf, cooking… I love to have all the gear! So I got myself a polar heart rate monitor and some “I know what im doing” running shoes, and have been hitting the park as much as I can. It’s a humbling experience – in the gym I usually out-train most people my size, but in the park it’s another story! When I first started I was being overtaken by pretty much everyone. Long distance running isn’t really my thing (I used to sprint competitively and I’m a fast-twitch muscle type) but if I can get a decent half marathon time in by the end of spring I’ll be happy. I love that feeling of getting in after a run, hot shower and a juice (I’m back into my juicing and smoothie making in a big way – my juicer was probably one of all time favourite gifts). Really sets you up for the day, and despite my frequent exclamations of “are we there yet” whilst scaling the Amalfi, I’m glad I started the running because some areas were not just off the beaten path- they had no path at all!



London at Christmas. I love it! I don’t own a television so luckily I avoid most of the adverts advising me that if I buy a new leather sofa I won’t have to pay it off until the year 3018; but there’s something about those massive Christmas trees and all the green, red and gold. I’m even partial to a mulled wine (I’m possibly the only person who genuinely likes the stuff). I love anything that sparkles and can’t help but feel festive, but I have to say surviving Christmas as a foodie is a task of Herculean proportions! A friend of mine has a ridiculous/borderline genius way of eating that she calls the One Bite Policy. The OBP stipulates that in a large dinner or breakfast buffet, you have absolutely everything, but just one bite of each. Thus not over eating, whilst still avoiding that all too formidable “fear of missing out”. Its great in theory but the bad news is, I dont think it’s humanly possible for me to be at breakfast and have one bite of a croissant then put it down, and I’m probably not going to have one bite of roast potato at dinner either!


Speaking of missing out – I hope you’re remembering to treat yourself this Christmas season. Should you be looking for some festive cheer and sparkle of a more personal nature, please do get in touch! I’m a busy bee as always – it would be a shame to miss each other.


Hoping to see you soon…



Billie x