E2 (goodbye) – W1 (hello)

Moving this week and wow – moving is SO STRESSFUL! Trying (and failing) my best to be organised and systematic. From downsizing your wardrobe, to buying new furniture, to spending hours on hold trying to switch your broadband, to cleaning out your spice rack and realising the paprika you’ve been using passed it’s sell by date in 2017 (not really!), I can see why most people just stay in the same house forever. Still, looking forward to a new neighbourhood, and hopefully new friends once I’m settled in Marylebone. Feeling excited! Thankyou to everyone who made my dream move possible… How lucky I am to spend my time with such kind and generous gentlemen!


Currently needing to half furnish my new place and have decided to invest in my first high quality vintage pieces. There are so many beautiful things out there, and I particularly like the mid century modern style, so that’s what I’m going for.


If you wanted to help with my move I would be exceptionally grateful! Most useful for me would be a gift card for either Vinterior (where I am sourcing most of my vintage things) or John Lewis:






Thanks so much for being patient. Patience is a virtue and one that will be most definitely rewarded by me. All will be back to usual (well, things could never be usual… but you know what I mean) within the next few days.


Can’t wait to see you soon,


Big kisses!

Billie x