Dinner Dates and how to Do them.

Hey yummies!


Hope you are well, that your temperature is mild, that your throat isn’t tickly, and that you’ve adjusted to the new world of masks and rubber gloves (although for a kinky babe like me, this has always been my world!). The age of Billie withdrawl is over! I am getting many requests for dinners, so I wanted to take a moment to explain how I think (hope!) this will work going forward:


  1. I prepare something for us – as you know, I love to cook so can prepare our meal during our date. This would work better for dinner dates. Or I can buy in some delicious deli nibbles, sushi etc – up to you! It’s worth mentioning I have been cooking everyday for the last 3 months so… this is probably not my ideal way to do things.
  2. We order in. Almost all restaurants are now offering delivery and we can chose something when you are here. A few of the higher end restaurants you need to order from in advance, so if you are looking specifically for a home dining experience with a Michelin restaurant, please let me know and I can send you the options
  3. Picnic in the park. An experience I have been really enjoying recently. Some delicious wine or bubbles and a relaxed dining experience outside.
  4. The classic dinner date. Most restaurants have started taking reservations from July, and I am booking dinner dates from now. I have some of my favourites and recommendations on my “Dates” page, or alternatively get in touch and I am more than happy to send you 3 or 4 good recommendations.


Some details:

  • It is usually my preference to enjoy our private time first. If you prefer the other way round, that is no problem at all, but there’s something about a passionate time in the bedroom, followed by a delicious meal and wine, that I really enjoy.
  • Classic dinner dates can take place in any restaurant to suit your taste – quality casual, smart casual, and fine dining options are very much available.
  • For a fine dining incall date, I will take a deposit to cover the cost of pre-ordering the meal.
  • Vegans not welcome (just kidding!)
  • Please request a corner table so I can tease you with my foot whilst you order the wine (wink!)


I can recommend you many of my favourite restaurants, but some of the restaurants I haven’t visited but would love to are:

  • Portland Restaurant: (this date is already taken) Local to me, 1 Michelin star, by the people behind Quality chophouse (one of my all time favourite restaurants) https://portlandrestaurant.co.uk/
  • Kutir: A beautiful looking modern Indian restaurant. I know many of my clients absolutely love Indian food, so this would be perfect if you like a little spice and a little refinement too (like me! 😉) https://kutir.co.uk/
  • La Gavroche: (This date is already taken) http://www.le-gavroche.co.uk/
  • Spring: Have heard great things about the menu, will suit someone who enjoys a clean, elegant menu and beautiful dining space. https://springrestaurant.co.uk/
  • Kiln: A busy, casual thai restaurant in Soho that I’ve been wanting to try forever. A relaxed spot with an open kitchen that focusses on small plates and big flavours. http://kilnsoho.com/
  • Fischers: Have wanted to eat here for so long! A very intimate, sexy, classy atmosphere. https://www.fischers.co.uk/
  • Le Petit Maison: Have been to the one in Dubai and would love to try this one! I will meet you in my most elegant dress and heels. https://lpmrestaurants.com/
  • Amazonico: Dined at the one in Madrid on a solo trip I took last year and absolutely loved it. A real hotspot with live music and a busy vibe. You will enjoy if you like Sexy Fish, Hakkasan, Park Chinois etc. https://amazonicorestaurant.com/
  • Fifty Cheyne: Oh my god! It’s so pretty! This is supposed to be one of the best restaurants in London. Looks absolutely amazing – refined and classic – let’s try it! https://fiftycheyne.com/
  • Evelyns Table: A small, hidden, soho spot. Will suit one of my cool foodie clients. http://theblueposts.co.uk/
  • Maggie Jones: A rustic and romantic, charming farm-to-table restaurant that serves moreish, fresh comfort food. Menu looks not too complicated but very tasty! http://www.maggie-jones.co.uk/
  • The Araki: Very fine Japanese restaurant that only seats 9 at a time, chef has held 3 michelin stars for along time. This is an intimate experience, for someone who loves and appreciated top quality Japanese food. https://the-araki.co.uk/
  • A Chefs table: I am yet to try dining at a chefs table. This is something I would love to experience, at a restaurant of your choice.



Can’t wait to catch up, or meet you for the first time over dinner.


Big kisses and footsie under the table…

Love Billie xx