Cheltenham Chic

Thoroughly enjoyed my first time at Cheltenham! Really, one of the best day’s out I’ve ever had, and such a fun environment. Yum – I LOVE a man in a tweed jacket – especially with a well made pair of suede or leather Chelsea boots! A sore head and a winning betting slip the next morning (hurrah! I won a whole £21!). I am even starting to recognise some of the horses from other races I’ve been to (my favourite is “Ask Dillon”). People are so much friendlier than London, and me and a girlfriend went in sexy equestrian chic outfits, (my riding breeches went down very well!) Many people don’t know that I am a country girl at heart. My dream life is to live in a massive house in the country, raising a few animals, riding horses, and so on, whilst still maintaining my Bond Girl meets Sex Kitten credentials, and still enjoying glamorous London life when it suits. Cheltenham was an absolute blast – I would love to go again. 


Billie x