Surf, Turf,

And Champagne. How better to spend an evening than in a beautiful restaurant with good company and easy conversation? The ultimate inulgence!


3 things I’ll never get enough of:

Chanel bags, Sunny holidays, and ***k.

Well… 2 out of 3 ain’t bad 😘😂

Food for Thought

I don’t mean to brag (it’s not bragging if it’s true) but I just made such a good dinner for my friend and I. Sat on my terrace listening to Berlioz which is a new house/jazz artist I discovered and am so in love with. It was so therapeutic preparing a Greek salad in the sunny corner of my terrace with the music playing wearing a summer dress and no underwear. A man will never understand how nice this feels but I’m sure you can imagine. I no longer wear any bottoms under my summer dresses, it feels so good. Anyway, you know I’m so particular about my ingredients. For my Greek salad I sourced barrel aged feta and pepperonchini peppers – which are the correct Greek pepper to use for this salad. Greek kalamata olives and organic cucumbers also went into the mix. Lots of olive oil of course and fresh oregano which I’ve started growing on my terrace (along with some other herbs).
This was my first time ever doing a barbecue by myself so I bought a small one on Amazon and watched about 30mins worth of YouTube videos on how to do it. Obviously I aced it. I cooked rosemary and mint marinated lamb chops which I got from Ginger Pig (they’re not as good as the Selfridges ones), I did baked scallops with nduja which is one of my favourite combinations. I added a little splash of white wine and lemon juice to the shells. They came out sooooo perfectly! These are massive Scottish scallops (the best – very sweet). I also got some XL black tiger prawns from my fishmonger which I simply grilled with nothing on them at all. I had boiled some potatoes which I wrapped in foil along with butter and fresh thyme, and put on the grill.
By the way something hilarious happened after I visited the fishmonger. I went to the nearby grocers in Chelsea and I saw they had my favourite cherries – the pink and yellow ones which are hard to get. I decided to buy a small amount before heading home and put (literally) 2 handfuls in a paper bag. When I went to the check out, the guy casually and said “okay that’s £19.85” (refusing to look me in the eye. Rule #1: If you’re going to fuck me with no warning, at least have the decency to look me in the eye!). I was so taken aback I just swiped my card and paid for them but for the rest of the day I was totally outraged 😂 £20 for 20 cherries… what recession?? 😂🥂 South Kensington is the only place where you can see someone driving a Rolls and ask what they do and “I own a fruit and vegetable shop” can be a legitimate answer. I am the least cheap person you will ever meet. I always tip. When I go to the cinema by myself I buy the seats on either side of me so I’m not next to one of those annoying people who thinks I want to smell and hear their bag of Tangy Cheese Doritos. I’ve a handbag collection that’s worth the GDP of a small country. I’m a total “more is more” type of woman. I am the fool ordering Dom Perignon by the glass in a restaurant. I am the woman who’s heart flutters at the words “limited edition”. Yes, I will take the upgrade thanks for asking. After all what are you going to do? Take all your money to the grave with you? Wipe your tears with it? Of course the only respectable thing to do with money is to share and enjoy it! But damn, £20 for some cherries. And they weren’t even that good (a bit too sharp). At the checkout it’s like they’re daring you to say something. This happened to me at Selfridges once when I bought a lobster salad and at checkout it was £65 (container the size of the palm of my hand). I think because I grew up poor, in situations like this I don’t feel comfortable to telling them to get lost because I don’t want them to think that I can’t afford it. So instead I bent over and took it like a good girl (and I’d do it again haha!)
Anyway back to my meal. All together it was a simple but delicious meal and there were no leftovers other than a little Greek salad because I accidentally made so much. I didn’t have the lamb chops myself as I’m trying to cut my red meat back but I was told they were excellent. I love seafood so much so I didn’t mind as the scallops and prawns were to die for. My favourites seafood is crab and langoustine cooked very simply. I’m not going to pretend I wouldn’t rather be in the south of France eating a truffle pizza and having someone rub lotion into my bum (not at the same time obviously, that would be vulgar), but I’m enjoying this unexpectedly long (boohoo!) period in London as the weather is so good. 
At the end of last week I was unwell (I’m fine, I didn’t die), so am getting back in the swing of things now. I don’t know how it happened but first I thought it was allergies, which in themselves are no joke. Allergies are like a cruel game God’s playing on you: There’s this stuff called pollen that makes you all puffed up and sneezy and guess where the pollen lives? IN THE AIR. And guess what you need to inhale to live? THE AIR 😂 Guess where else pollen lives? On flowers. And guess who loves flowers? ME 😂 It’s like a guy I knew who bought a racehorse and later found out the racehorse had hay fever. That’s a true story. A Horse with hay fever. Life can be so cruel. Find pleasure in (ahem) people whilst you still can….
B ❤️

2023 Bucket List

2023 Bucket List:


A lot of the experiences I enjoy are so hard to book that if I wait for someone to have the exact same idea at the exact same time I’ll never happen. I appreciate being asked and having my wishes granted. Hence, I have a new Bucket List on my website of 20 things I’d like to do this year. Some are new experiences, others are much loved.I appreciate I’m launching this new list 6 months into the year, so I encourage you to get the ball rolling ASAP. Please get in touch to grant one of my wishes! 💋

1. Boat trip2. Go to the Proms or Glyndebourne3. Sex on a beach4. Visit Asia5. Something Sparkly💎6. Chefs table at a restaurant7. Car show8. Private jet (mile high club maybe 🤪)9. Go fishing or shooting10. Go to the opera overseas11. Visit the Maldives12. Receive 200 roses13. A weekend in the countryside14. Visit Mexico15. Go to the Cricket/Tennis/Rugby/Races16. Visit one of the worlds 50 best restaurants List Here (I have already visited FYN, Ikoyi, Clove Club, Mugaritz, Steirerek, 17. Hiking trip18. Afternoon tea19. Visit Greece20. Grand prix


See you soon…!

Billie x❤️


I’ve finally given in and started watching Succession. I tend to start watching these cult series very late on because as they gain popularity I start thinking they couldn’t possibly appeal to me because I’m so incredibly special and unique that I like things that most people don’t enjoy (my favourite thing to watch are serial killer/psychopath/cult documentaries – please don’t worry I’m not planning to use them for inspiration 😂 I just love trying to understand the extremes of human behaviour). Anyway, I convince myself that if it’s something everyone likes I’m such a special little snowflake that it won’t appeal to my special and finely tuned brain, but of course, there’s a reason some of these shows become popular: they’re the TV equivalent of sitting on a beach watching a sunset – a universally enjoyable experience. Also, I realised one of the creator of Succession is Jesse Armstrong, one of the creators of Peep Show – which is one of my all time favourite modern British comedies. I don’t think I realised before watching that Succession was a comedy – but I’ve found parts to be truly laugh out loud funny. “Logan” is truly such a hilarious, well thought out character, I’m enjoying this series despite being years behind the curve (rather late than never, as I always say).
I’ve been slowly adjusting to being back in London, after so many months of back to back travels. Recent highlights include the Beyonce tour (I wouldn’t have described myself as a fan before going but she’s an amazing performer and has true magnetic star quality), starting reformer pilates – I’m progressing extremely quickly, my instructor moved me to intermediate level during the course of my very first class. I don’t enjoy group classes so tend to take 1 on 1 classes for most things I do. One time I tried a spin class where they put you on a visual leader board so everyone could see where they were compared to everyone else. Wonderful! Some mental humiliation to add to the physical battering. By the end (I never made it to the top half of the leader board and I hate being bad at things) I vowed that would be my first and last ever class 😂
It’s also been nice to enjoy the (sort of) turn in the weather. I’ve pre-emptively (somewhat optimistically) packed away the majority of my winter coats in favour of my summer dresses and linens. Purchasing a white linen “dry clean only” jacket is like buying something once then having to rent it for the rest of your life. Yet here I am after just one wear, sending my brand new jacket to the dry cleaners covered in unexplainable splodges (it wouldn’t be the first time😂). Anyway, I thought I would share some al fresco dining spots in and around London that I’ve wanted to try for a while.
Westerns Laundry. It’s a little way away (around 25 mins in taxi – ok that’s a “way away” by Central London standards anyway) I’ve heard consistently good things about this British and Spanish seafood and small plates restaurant.
Luca. Was one of my favourite Italian restaurants for a long time but I haven’t been in a few years and would love to return. They’ve recently been awarded a Michelin Star but it’s not a stuffy typically Michelin restaurant – instead its more chilled with freshly made pastas and a private outside patio.
Coq D’Argent. I don’t get into The City much anymore, so would love to have an excuse to wiggle into a nice fitted office style outfit. I love French food and wines,  an
River Cafe. Ever further afield but such an iconic restaurant that I’ve never been to. So many world class chefs started their journey at this upmarket but relaxed Italian restaurant, and I’ve heard the food is simple but amazing and the terrace is lovely on a sunny day.
See you there!
Billie ❤️


Hi Gentlemen,
I need to make clear that I am not “busy”. I see less than 10% of people who enqire about meeting. Please do not assume I will see you. Exclusivity is not about accepting everyone. It’s about choosing who I would like to be around based on who I am likely to have good chemistry with. How big your house is, alleged “status”, and so on are very very unimportant to me. I don’t care. I make my choice based on who I am compatible with, and also on respectful communication. Naturally this is what leads to sparkly and exciting connections. 90% of my clients are regulars. It is not my way to simply see any man who can pay.
As I’m sure you know, the right female company and attention can add new pleasure, inspiration, happiness and adventure to your life. I’m not an egotistical person, quite the opposite, but I do understand there is only one woman like me on this planet 😇 and I am a soft hearted person so I protect myself by only associating with good people. Whilst it’s true I can be a very passionate and wild slut in the bedroom, it’s also true that life is too short to share yourself with people you don’t like. Good sex is mostly in the brain (although I will of course try stimulating other areas… just to be sure… 😘) .
I could not have imagined that in being a companion I would learn just how respectful, generous and kind some men can be. That’s my type! And it’s also how I like to treat people in my life who have helped me:

Anyway, the point of this blog is to say – if you’re not a nice guy, or are flaky then unfortunately you will not be spending time with me. There are all types of companions out there, but I do my thing in my way.

B ❤️


A 220 mile pilgrimage up north to Cartmel to visit one of my bucket list restaurants, 3 Michelin Star L’Enclume. Cartmel is the home of sticky toffee pudding. Being something of a sticky toffee pudding myself, I felt very much at home (still, it takes a while to adjust to strangers calling you “duck”). Kicked off the experience in good style – with a pork pie and glass of Champagne! An absolutely glorious trip – haute cuisine, high heels, Northern hospitality, and the beautiful Cumbrian countryside. So grateful for this experience 🙏🏽❤️


My first visit to Tuscany – one of the most gorgeous places I’ve ever been. I loved wine tasting, cooking lessons, cool car, the beautiful landscape, too much pasta, perfect company….

Memories of Siena (1st Draft)

Cypress trees dark and daggerish slice 
Through blueish skies like
Sails through sea.
Olives dangle lazily from silver trees 
Blessed by heaven, fed by earth.
Honeysuckle lines the streets
The goodness of a million sun’s.
On the heaving breast of Tuscan hills
Birds chuckle
Grasses wave
Pruned roses pout their
Fat pink lips.
Vines assemble in battalions
Their fruit will fall to Man someday.
Jaded cedars
Hang high and
Stretch in surrender like the arms of Christ
Under these, the quiet calm
Of moss, fig, and geranium.
Clouds congregate and mourn onto the earth
Like ghosts of lost children.
Fall on wild flowers
With simple faces and
Sophisticated scents.
Boundaryless and bountiful:
The hills of sweet Siena.
Red poppies swing on grassy plains
The fire and flag of Italy.
– BF

Home Cooked

My courgette, burrata and nduja flatbread with wild garlic and wild garlic flowers. I had the idea for this recipe long ago but never got round to testing it – finally did today and it worked so well.