Catch – Kill – Eat

Woke up bright and early to collect some live langoustine I had ordered in at my favourite fishmongers. Scotland’s finest! And one of my favourite things to cook – I would only ever buy them live as they are incredibly fresh and cooked moments after I have dispatched them. People are always surprised to find out I am not squeamish about such things, but if you remember I completed a short butchery course last year but even before then I have always been comfortable with this part of cooking. Although I am quite sure I am the first woman to complete a butchery course with French Manicure! Grilled the Langoustine simply with confit garlic butter, then served with a home made wild garlic mayonnaise. So delicious – these were very big with delicate sweet tail meat. Perfect with a glass of rosé. No I will not cook it for you take me to dinner instead 🙂