Billie Takes On: Le Cordon Bleu

Hi yummies!


January has begun in great style, with a fantastic trip overseas to [Country name redacted due to Official Secrets Act] somewhere I hadn’t visited before which has already become one of my all time favourite places (I know, I say that about everywhere!). The environment, the food and the history of [City Name Redacted due to Official Secrets Act] were second to none, but as we both know, it’s people that truly make a place, so luckily for me, my company was second to none.


Started my course at Le Cordon Bleu, and am LOVING IT. I am starting to think “you only live once, take the Grand Diploma”, but I simply don’t have the time right now as some of you may know I am still getting my advanced PT and Nutritionist qualifications. Have already learned so much on my course and am irritated at myself for having not pushed myself further, sooner. I am currently a very good home cook, but everything I do is based on intuition- a bit like an artist or musician with raw talent but no classical training. I can make a stock, I can butcher a chicken, but its all… a little bit “Billie Style”. This course is teaching me finesse, and classic skills. I have so much respect for all things traditional, and am getting so much pleasure from learning in such a quality, historic institution.


Anyway, I’ll save the rest of the details for our date – see you soon x


Bis kiss!

Billie x