Am I intimidating

Last week someone came up to me in the street and said I have a very confident walk. It was somewhat ironic because at the moment I saw them approaching me I felt a pang of internal anxiety as nobody ever approaches me so I’m not used to it and went into full fight or flight mode – athough, I can’t fight (my hair and nails are too expensive – we dont take those sort of risks these days 🤣), or fly, so I settled for smiling and saying thank you. The truth about the confident walk is, it’s simply the best way to walk in a very high heel. Walking in heels is like trying to take the bra off a beautiful woman using only one hand. If you hesitate, even for a second you run the risk of being clumsy. You must commit fully to your movement. So I channel my inner Naomi Campbell and walk with confidence not because I’m being boosted by my unstoppable ego – but because it’s simply the best way to get from A to B in a pair of 6-inch Jimmy Choos.I was unsure about writing this as I feel I’m having to explain that you can look nice and BE nice at the same time, and probably anyone I would get along with already knows this.I’m told I’m intimidating… I’m not sure what to do about that. I’m a 5ft4 hopeless romantic (part-time shopaholic,) who’s ticklish all over and terrified of the dentist, spiders, and fireworks. One summer when I was studying I decided to work as a stripper to pay off my student debt and was too shy to take my clothes off (got over that particular phobia, clearly 🤣). Being a shy stripper was as you might imagine, a unique experience riddled with comedy. One time I decided the answer was to have under my thong, an even smaller, brown thong, in the hopes that in the dark light nobody would notice and think I was naked 🤣 I don’t know what my hang up was – I look great naked! Anyway I don’t regret working in that club (#1 Gentlemens club) wearing 2 thongs and sipping on an ice water pretending it’s a Gin and Tonic. Character building, you know.I know you can’t take to heart what other people think of you and all those other (easy to say, hard to do) mantras, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel self-conscious knowing people can make such a big judgement about someone they don’t know. My friends have given me theories which mostly amount to “it’s because you present yourself immaculately.” Well, that’s not even true 🤣 I go to the gym with a messy bun and leggings on like everyone else. For me taking care of my appearance is because I’ve always found it important to be feminine and I love fashion and dressing up, it’s a cloak of protection in a way. I do have high standards for myself and I always will. Why wouldn’t I want the best for myself? I believe in life you should seek the best possible experience available to you. The pleasures of life are an area where I don’t believe in any form of conservatism at all. Indulge yourself and those around you with the best life experience you can. Maybe that’s why some people find me intimidating. But I’m just trying to have a good time 😇 I add a lot of value to the life of the right kind of person – I’m not sorry about that.The most attractive things about me in reality are that I’m smart, funny and kind.And also, my blowjobs are good 🤪😘Billie x