The best of both worlds.

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5ft 4 (163cm) Brown eyes Uk Size 8/Small 32DD Natural Shoe 5/38 Hair: Dark, full, very curly

Build: Athletic, slim, curvy All natural with no tattoos, piercings or enhancements.

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Chemistry is key;

FOR YOU: A woman who is fun, free, imaginative, a lover, a friend, able to talk to anyone, adventurous in conversation and in thought, follows her heart, an open book, looks out for the underdog, a generous soul, an overcomer, a sexual force, someone who walks up an escalator.


FOR ME: We will be compatible if you are a man who prefers real life to “cyber”, prefers adventure to the status quo, and prefers to live his life on his own terms. I hope you enjoy both the simple, and finer things in life, and appreciate one of those finer things is a woman with a brain, a heart, and a spirit.*


*I’ve also got a great ass

Good evening Mr Bond,

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to read this page without falling asleep.


I’m Billie, a bright and beautiful ebony companion based in London and available wherever you are. You’ve been searching for that sexy, intelligent lady who can turn you on, make you laugh, and drive you crazy…


She exists (hello!); And would love to meet you!


I have a vibrant and fun personality – I love to laugh and enjoy life. The things that make me “me”, are my love for fitness and the outdoors, my passion for dining and even bigger passion for cooking, and my ability to be just as comfortable jogging through Regents Park with my makeup off and hair tied up, as I am being your glamorous +1. I’m a keen golfer, reader, and all round lover of anything that makes my heart race.


I’m a smart and sexy girlfriend who benefited from a quality education at one of those Catholic schools that produces clever and mischievous women. I’m best suited to someone looking for a genuine experience. Authenticity is important to me: you can’t fake chemistry. I am liberated, and love pleasure of all kinds – from intimacy and sensuality, to passion and kink. I like our time together to be relaxed, fun, and sexy. I am an open book, and I cater to a gentleman who is bored with unfulfilling, samey experiences.


I am an all natural girlfriend with no piercings, tattoos or enhancements. I have an athletics background and love working out and looking after myself. I have a massive smile, big brown expressive eyes, good style, and a lot of hair. Like all women, I love dressing up, manicure pedicure, being pampered, and expressing my femininity. I’m a free thinker and a very free spirit, I enjoy being adventurous in life, thought, conversation, and the bedroom. I enjoy travelling, good food, sport, laughing, and that feeling when someone can’t get enough of me. Whether we are spending an hour, a night, or a weekend, I’m a naturally affectionate and engaging girlfriend, and love getting to know you.


I have a sense of humor that ranges from incredibly witty to impossibly silly, and don’t take myself too seriously. I’m not highly strung; I understand that life is short, so I love to live it to the full. As a result, I spend a lot of my time travelling, laughing, and catching my breath. Being a companion is my hobby, and I take pride in being able to provide the perfect environment for you to relax and be yourself. The Billie Farlow experience is luxury, authenticity, and a little bit of magic.


Our next mission is up to you….



I have too many interests to mention, but the ones that come to mind, in no particular order are:

Politics, golf, the arts, colourful socks, good wine/food, 70s music, jazz, gym, solo travel, ski, barn conversions, anything feminine, reading, rugby (union and 7s), cooking, Mount Street, The Spectator, nose kisses, winter sun, venison, sailing, opera, a gentleman, long coats, Wholefoods, ink pens, optimism, horses, leather goods, being outdoors, cigar rooms (I dont smoke), weekend escapes, Scandinavia, mid century furniture, courage, hip hop (pre 2000), fast cars, roquefort, country life, lust, Curtis Mayfield, ballet, F1, meat, cold white wine on hot days, Ayn Rand, cashmere, Sloane Square, jogging around Regents Park in lululemon leggings, linen, ice water, lakes, airplane food, Monty Python, vintage Mercedes SL, big kitchens, massages (to give and to receive), affection, Dijon mustard, vinyl, real butter, all things that sparkle, David Attenborough (who doesn’t!), pot plants, antique shops, drum solos, shaking with pleasure, philosophy, eye contact, butchers shops, high heels, high risk, hand written letters, art deco, empty beaches, laughing, and broadening my horizons (phew – the rest I shall have to tell you over dinner!) 


Exclusive intl. ebony companion.