A Gentleman’s Guide to Restraints.

(They say knowledge is power, but they also say, with great power comes great responsibility. Please use this guide responsibly, I will not be held personally accountable should you decide to tie your postman up!)


Hi Yummies,
Suspense is one of my favourite feelings. I’ve had holidays where I’d been told to pack my bags and didn’t know where I was going until I got to the gate. I love excitement and the thrill of the unknown. As you may imagine, this personality type is an integral part of why I have always lead my life in a way which allows me to constantly explore and experience new things. This manifests itself in many ways, and one of those ways is a love for restraints. If you are a gentleman who likes a little spice, or perhaps one who would like to try, please allow me to share with you, my Gentlemen’s Guide To Restraints (informally known as “How To Tie Up Your Girlfriend”).


Probably the easiest way for a simple, instant restraint. Metal ones if you’re being naughty, fluffy ones if you’re being nice. Leather ones if… well, they look very sexy paired with nothing but black heels! These can fasten the hands in front of the body or behind, or perhaps above her head, can be attached to a bedpost or other fixed item, and can be paired with ankle cuffs for a visual and erotic treat both for the dominant man and the woman who loves to be dominated. I have leather cuffs which are soft, supple, and beautifully (hand) made. They’re probably my favourite. The metal ones work best in a role play scenario (how dare you arrest me, officer!), and the fluffy cuffs are a feminine entry level pair, that are softer to the touch and work well in sensual girlfriendy experiences.


Bondage tape.
This is a tape that can be used on hands, legs, over the mouth, or any other body part. The main appeal is that it’s very visual, and you will find the experience of hastily duct-taping your girlfriend, to be more exciting than the simple click of the cuffs. It’s far less tacky than normal tape but not so easy to get off, but still fun to use and if anyone catches you with it in your bag you’ve got more plausible excuses (er… leaky bathroom pipe) than should a pair of fluffy cuffs fall out of your briefcase.


A classic. The dry martini of restraints. Secure your girlfriend anywhere (within reason) and in any position (without reason!) Rope is a lot of fun, and there are an infinite amount of combinations you can use. A fun example is the thighs and ankles bound together, or the hands bound to the feet. This is a kinky experience, and a very erotic process that is best with someone you are very comfortable with (tape is secure and not so easy to remove). The word “comfortable” is undeserving of it’s bad reputation. There is nothing more sexy than being around someone you trust and are comfortable to be uninhibited with.


Your tie, a scarf, my stockings; Some of the most fun and sexy moments are those that are improvised. Hands bound together with your tie is visually very sexy (use your favourite silk tie at your own risk!) and the DIY aspect means virtually anything can become an improvised restraint. The possibilities when it comes to improvisation are endless and outrageous (if you’ve never spanked a pert bottom with a Gideon bible you’ve been missing out!). The waist tie from the hotel bath robe offers a gag, a blindfold, and a restraint all in one, your belt can be bound round your girlfriends wrists, or her torso with her arms pinned down. Improvisation is the true spice of life, and how we have the best experiences. Going with the flow, and not over thinking or over planning situations is sure to excite your adventurous girlfriend.


Please use your new found knowledge responsibly, (or alternatively contact Billie immediately to use it irresponsibly!)


See you soon…!

Billie x