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A life less ordinary.

Exclusive intl. ebony companion.



Time, and how to spend it.

Hi Yummies! If you’re like me, you spent the first few days wallowing in despair and masturbation, but have now emerged (somewhat dishevelled) and are piecing together a plan of how to spend the next few weeks. Let’s be realistic. You’re not going to be …

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The Quarantine Boyfriend Questionnaire

Designed to reveal the hidden depths of your inner psyche (scientifically proven to be accurate)! Find out what type of quarantine boyfriend you are.   Please answer A, B or C, honestly:   1. It’s the first day of quarantine. You have prepared by:A. Bulk …

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Quarantine Kitchen (2)

https://vimeo.com/401981975https://vimeo.com/401981881 (Below from top left) Slow Roasted Lamb (5 hours) with Dauphinoise potatoes. Avo salmon bagels. Baked salmon with mac cheese. Lamb ragu (left over lamb from roast) with Mafaldine. Massaman chicken curry. Burrata tacos. Strawberry granola breakfast bowl. Harissa and honey poussin with paprika …

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Army Cadet Fantasy (part 2)

My progression through the Special Forces has been swift and well deserved. As the only woman to make it into MI5s so called “Anonymous Unit”, the last few weeks have been spent tirelessly trecking through Peru. The mission: Find, intercept and prevent a drugs deal …

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